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sour cherry, sugar, lemon juice (no preservatives, coloring, or glucose added)

Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet


Spoon sweets are the world’s oldest sweeteners in history that go way back to ancient Greek and Byzantium.
They are different from jams in that they are thicker in consistency, and they have chunks of fruit in them.

Any fruit can be used in the making of spoon sweets, and sour cherry is a time-defying classic one. For the handmade sour cherry spoon sweets, the cherries are picked in their season (usually July and August) and then cooked with no additional preservatives, coloring, or glucose. This way, the nutritional value and vitamins of the fruits are preserved for longer periods beyond their seasonal time.

Spoon sweets can be used as bread toppings at breakfasts, or in desserts, with strained yogurt or ice cream, or as toppings for waffles and pancakes.

PRODUCT NAME: Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet

INGREDIENTS: Sour cherry, sugar, lemon juice (no preservatives, coloring, or glucose added)

ORIGIN: Nea Philadelphia, Greece


PACKAGING: Recyclable glass jar

SHELF LIFE: 1 year

HOW TO STORE: Keep in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Not suitable for freezing.

HOW TO RECYCLE: The glass jar is recyclable. Please rinse well before recycling.

Idiston products are handmade under the specifications of the ISO22000 food safety regulation code. Only 100% Greek fresh fruit is used.

Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet



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