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pasteurised sheep's milk and up to 30% pasteurized goat's milk

Superior Feta Cheese


Feta cheese is a soft and crumbly brined cheese with roots going back to ancient Greek and is sometimes referred to as the ‘white gold of Greece’.
The essential ingredient that gives feta cheese its unique taste is milk, which can be sheep, goat, or cow milk, or a combination of these in various proportions.

Different kinds of milk, salt, butter, and wooden containers all affect the taste of the cheese, which is why the taste varies from region to region.
Because of its crumbly texture, feta cheese is an excellent ingredient for salads or can be used as a substitute for mozzarella for pizzas or flatbreads. And it melts in high temperatures; therefore it is also used in patisseries such as quiches.

PRODUCT NAME: Superior Feta Cheese

INGREDIENTS: Pasteurised sheep's milk and up to 30% pasteurized goat's milk

ORIGIN: Island of Evia

NET CONTENT: 300 - 350 gr

PACKAGING: Recyclable vacuum pack

SHELF LIFE: 15 days

HOW TO STORE: Keep refrigerated at 5°C. Not suitable for freezing.

HOW TO RECYCLE: The vacuum pack is recyclable.

PRODUCER: Kostarelos
The Kostarelos family has been producing cheese and yogurt for three generations, since 1937.
The respect and dedication to traditional ways of making, along with the family's know-how and sourcing milk exclusively from small Greek farms are the secrets to the success and quality of their products.

Superior Feta Cheese



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