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flour, eggs, salt, minced meat, cumin, allspice

Manti (Iri) (500 & 1.000 gr)


Filled with minced meat, and served boiled, fried, or roasted, a manti served with garlic yogurt and topped with red pepper and butter is guaranteed to turn into a feast.

PRODUCT NAME: Handmade Frozen Manti (Iri)

INGREDIENTS: Flour, eggs, salt, minced meat, cumin, allspice

NET CONTENT: 500g - 1.000g

PACKAGING: Compostable and the biodegradable bamboo packaging

SHELF LIFE: 1 month (when frozen)

HOW TO STORE: Frozen at -18°C

HOW TO RECYCLE: The packaging is compostable and biodegradable.

PRODUCER: YEK in-house production


Manti (Iri) (500 & 1.000 gr)



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