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flour, eggs, salt, minced meat, cumin, allspice

Manti (Deluxe) (500 gr)


The most important part of making an excellent Manti is to use the thinnest pastry possible for the smallest chunks of pieces.

This is a challenge for even the most experienced chefs in their field, and admittedly they can never be as good as a manti prepared in a mother’s hands.

Filled with minced meat, and served boiled, fried, or roasted, a manti served with garlic yogurt and topped with red pepper and butter is guaranteed to turn into a feast.

PRODUCT NAME: Handmade Frozen Manti (Deluxe)

INGREDIENTS: Flour, eggs, salt, minced meat, cumin, allspice


PACKAGING: Compostable and the biodegradable bamboo packaging

SHELF LIFE: 1 month (when frozen)

HOW TO STORE: Frozen at -18°C

HOW TO RECYCLE: The packaging is compostable and biodegradable.

PRODUCER: YEK in-house production


Manti (Deluxe) (500 gr)



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