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Frozen Kofta

Frozen Kofta


Kofta has a special place in both Turkish and Greek cuisines.
Commonly and rather mistakenly referred to as ‘meatballs’, kofta is actually a completely different dish.
The secret is in the hands of the butcher, who combines the spices and the minced meat according to their well-guarded secret recipe

PRODUCT NAME: Handmade Frozen Kofta

INGREDIENTS: Beef meat, lamb meat, onion, soda powder, butter, parsley, brown sugar, ketchup, Worcester sauce, dry oregano, garlic, egg, salt & pepper, bread crumbs, olive oil, mustard, fresh thyme, cumin powder, sriracha sauce


PACKAGING: Compostable and the biodegradable bamboo packaging

SHELF LIFE: 2-3 months (when frozen)

HOW TO STORE: Frozen at -18°C

HOW TO RECYCLE: The packaging is compostable and biodegradable.

PRODUCER: YEK in-house production

Frozen Kofta



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